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Concierge Medicine

Concierge Medicine

Concierge Medicine services offered in Buffalo Grove, IL

Concierge medicine allows you to skip all the frustrations involved with health insurance. With the concierge medicine plan at Chicago Diabetes Experts, you can buy a yearly plan that covers extra access to diabetes specialist Gregory O. Clark, MD, and the team from anywhere in the Chicago area. To learn more about how this personalized approach to diabetes care works, call the Buffalo Grove, Illinois, office or book your appointment online today.

What is concierge medicine?

With concierge medicine, you pay an annual fee to become a practice member at Chicago Diabetes Experts. In exchange, you receive medical care tailored to your diabetes needs, with your visits already paid for through the membership. 

What are the advantages of concierge medicine?

Concierge medicine gives you the diabetes care you deserve without fighting the insurance company for coverage. 

By charging an annual membership fee, Chicago Diabetes Experts can maintain a small and select patient roster, allowing each patient to get the time they deserve at every visit as long as necessary to address issues and provide support. 

Concierge membership also allows for more personalized care because a smaller patient roster means that the team gets to know their patients and understand their needs.

What are the options for concierge medicine plans?

There are several different concierge medicine plans, so you can choose the level of care that works for your individual needs. Options include: 

Care plan

The care plan includes four in-office or telehealth visits at Chicago Diabetes Experts annually. You get the doctor’s email address for support when you need it. The care plan includes unlimited remote review, management of your continuous glucose monitor, and insulin pump data.

Transition plan

The transition plan includes six in-office or telehealth visits per year. You get the doctor’s email and cell phone number for direct support. The transition plan includes unlimited remote review, management of continuous glucose monitoring, and insulin pump data.

Mentor plan 

The mentor plan includes eight office or telehealth visits annually. Along with unlimited glucose monitoring and insulin pump data reviews, the doctor follows your continuous glucose monitor on his phone daily and reaches out to you at least once a month.

Family plan

The family plan provides ten visits per year. You get the doctor’s phone and email contact info. He reviews your insulin pump data (unlimited), monitors your glucose monitor data daily, and communicates with you at least weekly. House calls (within 30 miles) are available on the family plan. 

In the family plan, the team can also meet with your place of employment or your child’s school to explain and discuss treatment strategies and implementation. 

Learn more about concierge care by calling Chicago Diabetes Experts or clicking the online scheduler now.