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Continuous Glucose Monitors

Continuous Glucose Monitors

Continuous Glucose Monitors services offered in Buffalo Grove, IL

Continuous glucose monitors make it easy to keep track of your blood sugar and respond to problems quickly. At Chicago Diabetes Experts, experienced endocrinologist Gregory O. Clark, MD, has Type 1 diabetes himself, so he understands the importance of having the best possible blood sugar monitoring. Dr. Clark and the team provide customized support for patients with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, including in-office, telehealth, house calls, and remote monitoring of your continuous glucose monitor. Call the Chicago-area Buffalo Grove, Illinois, office or book your consultation online today.

What are continuous glucose monitors?

A continuous glucose monitor is a device that keeps track of your blood glucose (blood sugar) levels at all times. Before the introduction of glucose monitors, manual monitoring through finger sticks was the primary method of daily blood sugar monitoring. 

How do continuous glucose monitors track blood sugar?

A small sensor is implanted under your skin, allowing round-the-clock blood sugar measurements. The sensor measures the blood sugar level in the interstitial fluid, which lies just under your skin. 

Generally, a continuous glucose monitor checks your blood sugar every 1-5 minutes. You can view your blood sugar levels on your cell phone or a handheld reader device. 

What are the advantages of continuous glucose monitors?

Continuous glucose monitors give you the most complete picture of what your blood sugar levels look like at all times, even when sleeping. 

You can look at your blood sugar level in real-time and review the data to detect trends, allowing you to make better choices regarding nutrition, exercise, and medication use. 

Most say continuous glucose monitors are far less painful than frequent finger sticks to assess blood sugar. 

One of the advantages of continuous glucose monitoring is that your monitor can coordinate with an insulin pump. So, this wireless communication allows your insulin pump to administer insulin exactly when you need it based on your up-to-the-minute blood sugar readings. 

How often do I need to change my continuous glucose monitors?

It depends on the type of monitor. Most continuous glucose monitors require sensor swapping every 3-7 days. 

There are also long-term continuous glucose monitors. With this type of monitor, you visit the Chicago Diabetes Experts office several times a year for sensor swaps.

Does my doctor need to track my continuous glucose monitor readings?

Yes, it’s always best to have medical professionals keep track of your blood sugar readings because they can spot problems early. 

At Chicago Diabetes Experts, all patients have the opportunity to join the concierge medicine program. This program gives you 4-10 annual medical visits and remote monitoring of your continuous glucose monitor and insulin pump. 

For the highest standard of continuous glucose monitor support, call Chicago Diabetes Experts or click on the provided online booking link now.