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Insulin Pump Care

Insulin Pump Care

Insulin Pump Care services offered in Buffalo Grove, IL

Automated insulin pumps offer convenience for people with Type 1 and late-stage Type 2 diabetes, but the electronic equipment requires special care and maintenance. At Chicago Diabetes Experts, experienced physician Gregory O. Clark, MD, and the team offer comprehensive concierge medicine to patients with diabetes, including insulin pump care, help with continuous glucose monitors, and more. In-office, telemedicine, and house calls are available in the Chicago area, so call the Buffalo Grove, Illinois, office or book your appointment using the online scheduling feature now.

What are insulin pumps?

An insulin pump is an alternative to manual insulin injections. There are two main types of Insulin pumps, including:

Traditional pumps

Traditional insulin pumps have a pump and insulin reservoir that connects to thin tubing and a tiny needle that delivers insulin to your body. 

Insulin patch pumps

Insulin patch pumps are the newer option. You wear them on your skin. The device contains a reservoir, pump, and delivery needle all in one case. It connects wirelessly to a programmable device. 

Insulin pumps deliver frequent tiny doses of fast-acting insulin into your bloodstream. They also allow you to deliver a bolus a burst of insulin before meals or when your blood sugar level is too high. Insulin pumps are programmable based on your needs. 

Your insulin pump can communicate with your continuous glucose monitor to keep track of your blood sugar and know when to deliver insulin — this is called an automated insulin pump. 

How does insulin pump care work?

Fortunately, today’s advanced insulin pumps are durable and won’t prevent you from doing most of your normal activities. But, insulin pumps are medical devices that require special care, including regular cleaning and replacing insulin cartridges. 

When you get a new insulin pump, the Chicago Diabetes Experts team provides detailed information about how to use it and monitor its effects. 

What if I have an insulin pump care problem?

At Chicago Diabetes Experts, patients have expanded access to their medical care team thanks to the concierge medicine program. With the concierge medicine program, you pay an annual fee to become a practice member. 

As a member of the concierge medicine program, you get 4-10 annual visits, email or phone access to the doctor, and remote monitoring of your continuous glucose monitor and insulin pump data. 

If a problem arises with your continuous glucose monitor or insulin pump, remote monitoring allows the medical team to discover it early. The team can quickly schedule a visit in the office, a telehealth appointment, or even a house call (depending on your chosen plan) to address the issue and prevent health consequences.

Insulin pumps offer convenience but do require close monitoring and special care. Chicago Diabetes Experts makes that process as easy as possible, so don’t wait — reach out to the office by phone or through the convenient online scheduling feature